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A National Championship Program with
What's New
6v6 Update
Season Starts
December 3rd and 5th
All teams will play on those 2 days.
Money is do Now !!!
We need everyone to send me your email address to to recieve schedules.
Schedules will be done this Friday.
Your coaches should have given us rosters with a team captain, names, and a team name and since we have not recieved half of them(except Jordan Breit). I am doing the schedules with him tomorrow.
We are looking at having 24 teams, maybe up to 28.
The schedules will be 14 pages so the only way to get a schedule is to send it by email.
I must appoligize for the delay, but we have had 3 major issues to fix.
1. we doubled our numbers (a good thing). done
2. We had to work out the Field rentals and the number of fields. done
3. Insurance & Equipment had to be purchased. done
not to mentioned I had pnumonia all week.
I would like to explain a few things, we are a program that depends on volunteers. That's why I have kept my cost to $40.00.
If I charged 85.00 I could hire people to help out, but I want to keep it simple and affordable. So if anyone has a problem with anything going on just call me after 4:00. I will be happy to explain what it takes for a local program that has to buy equipment, pay referees, and pay rental fees to keep going year after year. So all complaints needs to come to me. I rarely write such things, but after this week, I would love to hear how you can help out. Because none of my helpers gets paid a dime !!!!!!
With all that said, we will have awesome fields, a great schedule, and your child will want to play again. I didn't expect 26 teams, and I also didn't plan on having Pnumonia. Thanks You.
Contact: Coach Richard Steltenpohl
229-563-6509 cell.....leave message
Mailing address:
PO Box10071
Valdosta, GA 31604
Coach3v3Soccer "Twitter"
We Have Rec Divisions & Competition Divisions
Any Level of Play is Welcome
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